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Newry Pest Control-Choose A Qualified Mouse Exterminator In Newry To Solve Your Pest Problem

While you are spending more time at home at this current time, you may have begun to notice unusual signs in your home. From gnaw marks on the furniture to droppings on the floor, it may have become obvious that a mouse has decided to make your property it’s home. Ensure that you deal with your mouse problem as quickly as possible with pest control services from Newry Pest Control.


Arriving at your property in our unmarked van, our team will quickly get to work dealing with your pest problem as soon as possible without drawing attention to the current situation. Our team will employ a variety of techniques, from mouse traps to poisons, to get rid of those annoying rodents quickly and with minimal disruption to your home or business.


Our team of staff have years of experience dealing with all sorts of pests, so from as little as a flea to rats, we will remove these pests from your property. We aim to make the process as stress free as possible so that you can enjoy living in a home that is completely free from pests.

Your first choice for pest control


When you are looking for pest control experts that you can rely on, Newry Pest Control should be your first choice. Charging competitive prices and delivering a professional service, we always aim to go one step further for every one of our clients.


If you need a pest control service that will go above and beyond for you, get in touch with District Pest Control.

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