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Pest Control Newry-Deal With Pests Quickly Using Our Newry Pest Control

If you’re noticing teeth marks on your furniture or you’ve begun to notice bug bites on yourself or family members, your home could have become infested with pests. From as small as a flea to as large as a rat, we can deal with all sorts of pests that can make their way into your property.


For a pest control service that you can trust, District Pest Control is the right team for the job. Equipped with the latest pest control equipment and featuring a team of qualified pest control experts, you can be sure that we will resolve your pest problem as quickly as possible.


Operating in Newry area, our team will arrive to your property as soon as possible when you contact us. Utilising a wide variety of safe and effective methods, we can remove pests without causing damage to your property.


Keep your home pest free


While our team will do everything they can to get rid of pests, it’s important that you take preventive measures to stop them from returning in the future. Here are several practices you can use to stop pests being a recurring issue:

  • Use flea protection on your pets – One of the easiest ways for pests like fleas and bed bugs to make their way into your home is through your pets. Keep your pets free from insects with flea protection products

  • Don’t leave food out – One of the biggest draws to any rodent or insect is food, so leaving food out can be a big issue. Make sure to wrap up your food with foil or store it in food storage bags

  • Fill in gaps in your homes exterior – When insects search for a location to build a nest, they will usually choose a location that is warm with shelter from the wind. Holes in your home’s exterior can give insects a location where they can eventually spread into your home


Keep your home free from pests with the help of NewryPest Control.

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