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Pest Control Newry,Keep Your Home Pest Free With Our Pest Control In Newry

Like any good homeowner, your home is your pride and joy and you do everything you can to keep it in pristine condition. So if you discover that annoying insects or rodents have made your home into their new living space, you need a fast solution that causes minimal damage to your property.


Newry Pest Control understands how important it is to deal with these pests and provide you with a discrete and low cost pest control service. Arriving in our unmarked vans, our team will quickly arrive to determine your problem and quickly solve it.


Professionally trained and with years of experience, our pest control experts can utilise a variety of techniques to deal with your pest problem. From tiny bed bugs to large and unsightly rats, we can remove these pests quickly and humanely from your home.


Professional and effect pest control solutions


From poisons to traps, our team will employ the appropriate solution to whatever pest has made its way into your home. With the amount of damage and health risks that pests can bring it’s important that you get in touch with our team of pest control specialists in Newry.


You don’t even have to worry about our costs cutting into your Christmas budget, as we charge incredibly competitive prices for our services. With health and safety being an essential part of what we do, we ensure your properties occupants are kept safe throughout the process.


Keep your home pest free this Christmas with the help of Newry Pest Control.

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