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Pest Control Newry- Wasps Nest Removal in Newry Exterminator In NEWRY

During the summer months German Wasps (common wasps) become more active within the hive. They become noticeable to householders. Newry Pest Control Offers  competitive rates in removal wasps nest for £60 in the Newry area.

Why use Newry Pest Control for Wasp nest removal in the Newry area?


Following strict health and safety procedures, Newry Pest Control aims to quickly remove wasps nest fast and we can reach heights of up to 7 meters from the ground without the need to climb ladder reducing risks exposed to our professional technicians and without harming any other pets.

We also employ preventative measures to ensure that wasps don’t make their way back into your property.


Stop wasps from stinging you and your family this summer

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