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Commercial Pest Control Newry

While pest control is important in all walks of life, it is imperative for businesses that they are pest free. If you need commercial pest control Newry, look no further than Newry Pest Control.

We pride ourselves on not only being fast and efficient, but also being affordable and most importantly – discreet. All our work is carried out with the highest regard to confidentiality – we work discreetly and will even arrive in an unmarked van.

All members of staff are highly trained individuals with plenty of experience with all the various pesticides, traps & preventative measures we use to rid you of your pest problems. This ensures that infestations are identified and remedied as humanely and quickly as possible.


Mice - £60 per visit, with a minimum of two visits required.
Rats - £70 per visit, with a minimum of two visits required.
Wasp Nests - £80 per visit, the wasp nest needs to be accessible as we will not remove nests from under roof tiles or cavity walls.
Insects - £90 per visit, we can handle spiders, fleas, ants, woodlice, silver fish, plaster beetles and ground beetles among others.

If you need commercial pest control in Newry please call us today. Pests can ruin a business, so staying on top of your pest control is hugely important.

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