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Pest Control In Newry

Maybe you’ve started noticing small teeth marks in items around your home, or that yourself or a family member is getting consistent bug bites. If so, it may be that your home has become infested with pests.

If this is the case, it’s a matter of utmost urgency that you rectify the situation, which is where District Pest Control can help. Our staff are all professionally trained & experienced in utilising the very latest in pest control equipment to ensure your infestations are identified and remedied as quickly and humanely as possible.

We can handle all pests small to large, and believe our prices are competitive & provide you with the highest quality of pest control at an affordable cost.

  • Mice: £60 per visit - minimum of 2 visits

  • Rats: £75 per visit - minimum of 2 visits

  • Wasp Nests:  From £60 per visit – The wasp nest needs to be accessible as we cannot remove nests from under tiles or cavities due to health and safety regulations.

  • Insects: £90 per visit – these can include spiders, fleas, ants, woodlice, silverfish, plaster beetles & ground beetles.

If you have any questions about how Newry Pest Control can help you with pest control in Belfast, please get in touch with us via the form on our site.

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