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Newry Pest Control- Mouse Exterminator Newry

Discovering you have an infestation of mice can be one of the more shocking and distressing things to discover about ones home.

Mice are a common occurrence across Newry and Northern Ireland, as the weather gets colder the mice start looking for somewhere warm to stay. Unfortunately this is often your home.

Mice can fit through holes as small as ¼ of an inch – and if the hole is smaller than that they will gnaw at it until they can fit, allowing them to nest in places you wouldn’t think possible.

They cause several issues through out a home as they will burrow into all sorts of locations including large electrical appliances and even insulation. They will gnaw on absolutely anything they think will be useful in making their nests, including cloth, books, newspapers and even into furniture.

The rodents will also roam your house for food, defecating and urinating all over your home in the process. This is a grim discovery to make in the morning when you open your cereal cupboard to find defecation all over the cupboard and your box gnawed through.

Here at Newry Pest Control, we are experts in dealing with mice and priced at £60 a visit we are incredibly competitively priced.

Our staff are all professionally trained with pesticides, traps & other preventative measures, meaning your mouse problem will soon be a thing of the past.

If you need a mouse exterminator in Newry today, please get in touch today. Take back control and remove the problem mice from your home.

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