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Pest Control Newry

Pest problems are a big issue that every home or business owner is likely to encounter at least once in their life.

Whether an insect problem or a rat problem, the result is the same: a property that is untenable. Here at Newry Pest Control we ensure that all our work is carried out with the highest regard in confidentiality, including arriving to the job discreetly in an unmarked van.

We follow all the regulations regarding health and safety and take the protection of pets from the poisons very seriously. To this end we ensure that all our staff that use our traps and preventative measures are always highly trained and experienced. This ensures that all infestations will be identified and rectified not only quickly, but humanely as well.

We pride ourselves on being discreet, affordable, fast and efficient, so if you’re having problems with pest of the following varieties, please get in touch today:

  • Mice

  • Rats

  • Insects

  • Wasp Nests

We know full well the damage pests can cause if left to run riot throughout your home or place of work. If you’d like to discuss pest control in Newry, please give us a ring today.

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